luni, 7 septembrie 2015

The way how God delivers us from afflictions - by Nicolae Geantă

I like a lot the explanation given by brother Daniel Brânzai to the verse 15 from Job chapter 36: " He shall rescue the poor from their anguish; and he shall use tribulation to open their eyes". We would think that our Lord saves us through a miraculous intervention. That He takes the anguish with His hand. Or that He rescue us through death, in the "worst case". But the pastor Brânzai made me to understand that sometimes I get out of affliction through a greater affliction! He stated that someone said in his church that " Joseph was more secure in the prison of Egypt than at home among his brothers!"

What a truth, what a great principle! God permitted banishment for the Jews to save them from idolatry , He allowed the christian oppression to get christians out from their confort, from "ghettoization" . He permitted London to be burned in the 11th century so as to escape this town from leprosy, He allowed the killing of Jews  to Auscwitz, He permitted that we live under communism...

I looked in my life and I understood why God let me to be grown by some adoptive parents (after my mother left me): because I was more secure with the family of a drunkard father than with my biological family that did not want me!

God rescue us from tribulations even getting us through other tribulations! Even if we do not like it! Do you understand why Christ adviced us to pluck out the eye that push us to sin or to cut the hand that steals? He does it so as we avoid the hell! It would not be better to avoid it without gouged eyes or cut hands? Or without going through any affliction?

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