luni, 27 iulie 2015

You are not the fifth wheel! - by Nicolae Geanta

Are you maybe dissapointed, hurt, unhappy? Does it seem there is no place for you? You are not the only injured person. The Church of God is full of bleeding people. And every morning Jesus comes among them, shakes their hands, congratulates them and kiss their foreheads.

You have a Jesus of the Future, not only one of the Past. What was, it has gone. Everything is new now. Go on.

You are not the fifth wheel. You are the missing wheel from the saint Aggregate of Church. God never make bad choices. But people fail much more. Put yourself Available to God and you'll be used. And people will be ashamed when your acts speak well of your name. Try to do the good and to be...good. Like He was. And still is. 

Keep going on! You were born to win! And Satan does know this. That's why he wants you to go back. Christians have no back. Just front (! or face- the hypocrite people even faces. This is really bad !- ) 

Translate by Lidia Maria Barbinta

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