sâmbătă, 25 iulie 2015

Running. Fight. Abstinence - by Nicolae Geantă

The christian life is a continuous running. A marathon from START to FINISH. No matter of age, the colour of skin or IQ. This means you never take a break. It is no relaxation time. The christians are not met only in Church, but on the streets, in asylums, în hospitals, in orphanages. They spread the Gospel, support the poor people, bear the burdens of their brothers. They lead the relay race of the Cross of CHRIST.  Running means sweat...

Running is the twin sister of Fight. Daily fight with Gospel's enemies, with Satan, with temptations, with sin, with ourselves! Christian people take a stand AGAINST the libertinism, the Church secularization, the false teachings about the Word of God, the atheism, the indifference. Bible says is a life-death battle, not only donquijotism beating the windmills. Fight means wounds...

The triplet sister of Running and Fight is... Abstinence! Without it, you sweat for nothing. Without it you get uselessly hurt. The Running or Fight do not frighten Satan, but abstinence does. Free rein and without brakes, fog runners or fighters is also his. What irony: to believe that you are fighting for CHRIST and do the will of Satan!

Run! Fight! But also rein yourself! Paul the Apostle says we have to run (to fight) so that we receive the Award. But also that the man who does not rein himself, he will be denied. Do not forget this!

Love the speed! But also the brake!...

Translate by Lidia Maria Barbinta, vezi AICI

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