miercuri, 29 iulie 2015

The Candle And The Bird - by Nicolae Geantă

We, christians, preach that God's presence is like the light. And this is true. Where is He, the dark is missing. But I like that Boreham says that the presence of God is like a bird."Unlike the candle which cannot give light when it is extinguished" says the english writer, "bird which is driven away, sings its song on a different bough."

The History of Church shows us that whenever God is cast out from a place, He sang His holy trills to another one! The Jerusalem did not received Him anymore, but He sang again in Rome and Athene.

The catholics have never received Him back, but He sang with Luther in Germany! The lutherans was not excited about Him anymore, but He sang with the Moravians of Zizerdorf. Then with the Methodists of Wesley, with the Baptists of Spurgeon, with "brothers" from Plymouth, with the Pentecostals from Azusa... The Americans and the Europeans from our days did cast off Christ from family, schools, from church. But He went to sing in South America, in Africa, India and China. Lord, do not go from Romania too!

However the secularists, gay and lesbians, the hedonists or heedless people would endeavor to extinguish the Golgotha Song, they will never succeed. The Bird of Heaven will move to other branches to croon His song.

Don't you want to be among those who sing His song? Among those who keep the candle burning?

* traducere de Lidia Maria Barbinta

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