luni, 17 august 2015

Paul's Ladder - by Nicolae.Geantă

It was necessary for God to bring in my way many persons with disabilities so I  can carry the mirror of worry away from my hand and transform the shards of grumbling into gratitude. I have seen anguished people everywhere. Too often we move on indifferently. But the indifference may be a subtle type of hate.

Both reach and poor people show up contorted faces. Each of us received from God our face, but the facial expression is depending on us...Smile! The sun brights even when is almost to go down! Some people shut up because of their wisdom. Others shut up because of their foolishness. Anyway , no matter how things are, their quitness is speaking! (One man said that he could not speak to his wife for years because he can not interrupt her!)

We are walking on the fine sand. But also on the sharp shells. And, that's something: either the sand and the shells are polished by the rough waves of the ocean. It's not so important if the wave goes away, but that what is left behind... Not only the waves, but humans also are passing. However, not all passers are humans.

There are a lot of individuals who read hundreds or thousands of books, but what good if they never read the most needed Book?

I have seen many children falling and being picked up by their parents. Lord, help us to stand up! All alone we may fall on our knees too!

translate by Lidia Maria Barbinta

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